Alabama CISM provides intervention following critical incidents for any Public Safety Service Worker and/or Critical Care Providers requesting assistance, at no cost, throughout the State of Alabama.

Welcome to Alabama CISM

The focus of our service is to minimize the harmful effects of job stress, particularly in crisis or emergency situations. As such, the highest priority is to provide services to mitigate the harmful effects of job stress utilizing educational services, i.e. on scene support, defusings, debriefings and individual needs.

The team will also maintain confidentiality and respect feelings of all individuals involved. It is not the function of the Team to replace on-going professional counseling, but to provide education and immediate crisis intervention. Through the CISM team educational process, the team provides an important tool to alleviate stress related symptoms.

We recognize the need for networking and close cooperation between all CISM Teams, State and nationwide, and will be dedicated toward the goal of ensuring unity of services for those who need the help, regardless of diversities. To this end, Alabama CISM shall recognize as qualified CISM advocates, any individual, team or organization that meets, follows and endorses the guidelines of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

Mac Stinson - Team Leader
Phone 205.669.6498
Cell 205.835.6498

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